Considering Healthy and Safety in our Video Production

Considering Healthy and Safety in our Video Production

August 18, 2020 Animation Production [rt_reading_time post_id="1534"] MIN READ


Due to the nature of our work, we’ve always had quite an agile working style. One minute we may be filming in a distillery in Scotland, another day puppets in Exeter. We’ve created same-day edits on-site and kept crews on locations for weeks at a time. This ability to adapt to our surroundings has certainly stood us in good stead during this unprecedented time. One thing we do miss, though, is face-to-face team time. Gnu HQ is a hive of activity, positivity and creativity, so now that we have segmented to our respective homes, how are we maintaining the same quality, passion and drive as before?


In this blog, we thought you might like to know how we’ve adapted our work-flow to ensure consistency, continuity and reliability.

Us producers and project managers are in daily contact. A morning chinwag means we get to not only discuss the overly complicated recipe we re-created and then forced upon our households the previous evening, but also discuss current projects in much the same way as we did in the office. No detail too small is omitted and one of the primary advantages of this in the current climate is that with separate households and no bubble between any of us if one should fall ill, the other can pick up the project and continue its production with minimal fuss.

Schedules haven’t been affected at all. We have cloud-based production schedules that are updated daily and no tasks, from scripting to editing, animating to filming, have been affected in terms of project timelines. We are also still able to offer our expedited service!


We’ve always used cloud project managers to allocate and share tasks as well as bigger picture stuff. Our industry is pretty well established in the ‘cloud’ on lots of levels already, from accessing the latest software to file management. All our information is kept secure and hard drive backups are kept up to date regularly.

There’s no denying some face-to-face time can really boost the brain cells. Bouncing ideas back and forth is an important part of shaping ideas. For this, we’ve turned to the ‘It’ IT of the hour: Zoom. These are held as and when some fresh thinking is required. It’s also a great opportunity to catch up and check in on each other’s furry colleagues.


We’ve also implemented bi-weekly, socially distanced, outdoor meetups. These meetups allow us to sit, share, chat and brainstorm in person, in a more relaxed way. It means that the cohesion of our team is maintained and so is the passion and drive we all share for what we make and how we make it.

Tech has always played a crucial role in our business. Animation and video are 100% digital. We use industry-standard software and so all updates, functionality and tech support is still running at full steam. If anything, improvements are still being made all the time to improve workflow and capacity. For any nerds and geeks out there, currently, the software we use is:


Adobe Creative Cloud

Red Giant

Da Vinci Colour Grade Studio





We can’t tell you how long the ‘new normal’ will last, but we can tell you how our long terms procedures are in place to ensure service continuity without compromising on value, quality or schedules. Marketing is more important now than ever, to ensure your companies survival.

As this article outlines the top-line information, if you have any questions or concerns at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can try our brand new Online Chat at or we’re still available on our office number 01604 422911. More than ever, we need to #keepcommunicating, so we can inform, educate and reassure people. Let’s do it safely, together.


If you’re ready to get started, then get in touch! Call us on 01604422911 or email [email protected]. We’re a full-service video and animation company serving the whole of the UK and more!


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