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Explaining how your software is a cut above the rest


Our animations make the complex world of finance and technology easy to understand, helping your customers navigate the digital financial landscape with ease.

We offer a wide range of animation styles to match your brand and target audience. Our team of experts will work with you every step of the way to create an animation that clearly communicates your message and differentiates you from your competitors.

From mobile banking to cryptocurrency, our animations will help you explain the latest fintech trends and services. With our fintech explainer animations, you’ll be able to educate and engage your customers, increase conversions and improve customer satisfaction.

At Gnu we are an end-to-end video service including distribution and video marketing strategy to help make sure your video works in the way you want it to.

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How can we explain complex financial concepts in a simple and understandable way in an explainer video?

Complex concepts, whether financial for the fintech industry, or technical for the latest innovations in agriculture (didn’t expect that one coming did ya? 😉 ), everything can be explained simply and understandably without dumbing down.

We will work with you to highlight the key pieces of information, and then translate it into layman’s terms without omitting the important stuff!

Whether your audience is top industry professionals who speak the same financial language, or your average Joe looking to learn more, we will adapt the language and tone of the script to suit your target audience and ensure that those concepts are easily understood, no matter how complex!

How can we ensure the video effectively demonstrates the benefits of our fintech solution?

Before producing any kind of creative for your video, we want to make sure we understand everything there is to know about your fintech solution, especially its features and benefits.

Whether that’s by testing it out ourselves or chatting with your experts, we aim to understand the key benefits and features from your perspective and your customers!

We also include rounds of amends at every stage to make sure we’re getting across all the important information and that you’re happy before proceeding.

Before the film goes live, we also encourage a small sample audience to test out the film’s effectiveness so there’s time to amend it before launching the real thing!

Can you provide examples of other fintech explainer videos you have created?

Of course! We wouldn’t be a super video production company if we couldn’t! We have made all manner of videos for the fintech industry over the years for a range of budgets and timeframes!

Check some of them out right above these FAQs!


What is the estimated timeline and cost for creating a fintech explainer video?

As with all video production, plucking a figure out of thin air is a tricky one, the cost really does all depend on the complexity of your film, the type of explainer content you want to make, and how quickly you need it.

At Gnu we don’t do any pesky hidden costs, everything is discussed upfront before proceeding. Our production costs include pre-production (e.g.: planning, scripting, storyboarding), production (e.g.: equipment, director and crew, filming, voiceover, animation), and post-production (e.g.: editing, graphics, animation, subtitling).

Unfortunately, with so many variables this means it’s super hard to throw around exact estimates without first knowing what you’re looking for, but we offer a range of professional high-quality services to suit our client’s budget and timeframe.

If you’ve got a project in mind and are ready to fill out one of our handy brief documents, or would like to see our rate card, give us a holla through our contact form!

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