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Make training consistent, easy and fun


We produce a variety of training videos from animated to live-action.

Every training video needs to be crafted with your audience in mind; it should be well scripted to suit the people you’re speaking to. Whether teaching members of the public or internal staff, from induction films to how-to videos we make sure your audience stays engaged throughout.

We offer an end-to-end service to ensure the easiest process for you whether creating one or 100 training films. Our services include planning, scriptwriting, storyboarding, filming, animation, editing, and of course, the final deliverables. We even create templates when producing multiple training films to reduce cost and promote message consistency.

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What is a training video?

In simple terms, a training video is a film that teaches people. It encompasses a variety of needs including employee onboarding, compliance training, and software education.

All training videos should be made to be fit for purpose; they must speak the language that your audience is comfortable with which may be lots of jargon or none at all. The key to successful training videos is understanding who you’re teaching.

What's the most effective training video?

Training videos should be designed with the audience in mind. There is no one size fits all.

Some people may prefer animation and some live-action, some people may prefer someone to walk them through a process and some may prefer for it to be graphically laid out on screen.

At the beginning of any project, the intended audience should always be a primary consideration.

How much does it cost to make a training video?

This varies depending on the duration of the video, whether it’s live-action or animation (or both!) and the complexity of the topic. Our animation starts from £550 +VAT for 30 seconds or video from £1250 +VAT.

Do training videos work?


Training videos benefit from allowing consistent messaging throughout whilst also allowing people to revisit the video to refresh their memory at any time!

People can learn at their own pace and those that are visual learner are automatically catered for.

Visual stimulation helps to engage the brain and retain knowledge. In addition, you can simply very complicated messages by showing and telling in real-time!

How long should a training video be?

Unlike promotional films, training videos are usually a bit longer as they may need to spend more time expanding on complex ideas. Training videos can run anything from 3 minutes onwards.

If your video looks like it’s going to be longer than 10 minutes we would recommend breaking it into a suite of shorter videos interspersed with other learning tools in between (such as quiz sheets) to check the information is being absorbed.

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