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Video Production that combines story and statistics 

The best video production services are a delicate balance between narrative and visuals. Filming and editing have to be sympathetic to marketing strategy to create the best films.

Our ultimate goal is to create beautiful films that actually help you to achieve the goal you have in mind. Whether it’s company films to raise brand awareness, interviews to increase conversion rates or service explainer videos to retain long-term clients, you need a company you can trust to deliver on all levels from story to screen.

At Gnu, our video production is deeply rooted in purpose and achievement, knowing where, when and why to create a type of video that works. We combine value and quality to offer a realistic and effective service that meets the needs of today’s digital market to ultimately increase your revenue. Plus, we’re really friendly, so that’s nice too.

At Gnu we are an end-to-end video service including distribution and video marketing strategy to help make sure your video works in the way you want it to.

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What are the different types of video production services?

Video production services cover everything involved in the making of your professional video, from pre-production such as planning, scriptwriting, and storyboarding, to production such as filming and videography, animating, and interviewing, and finally to post-production such as editing, graphics, and subtitling.

Video production services can also include strategy and distribution, whether that’s online teaser videos, brand awareness films, product videos, explainer videos, internal training videos, or even TV commercials and brand documentary films.

Whatever the purpose of your video, we’ll plan, shoot and help distribute it to ensure it’s suited to your goals, audience, and platforms, from websites to social media.

How much do video production services cost?

Video production services costs vary depending on the complexity of your film, the type of content you want to make, and how quickly you need it.

At Gnu we don’t do any pesky hidden costs, everything is discussed upfront before proceeding. Our production costs include pre-production (e.g. planning, scripting, storyboarding), production (e.g. equipment, director and crew, filming, voiceover, animation), and post-production (e.g. editing, graphics, animation, subtitling).

Unfortunately, with so many variables this means it’s super hard to throw around exact estimates without first knowing what you’re looking for, but we offer a range of professional high-quality services to suit our client’s budget and timeframe.

If you’ve got a project in mind and are ready to fill out one of our handy brief documents, or would like to see our rate card, give us a holla through our contact form!

How do I choose the right video production company?

Video can be a big investment, so you need to make sure you work with a top-notch video production company.

Examine the quality of their portfolio and the types of videos they specialize in; it should be high-quality, varied, and fresh.

Read feedback and reviews from their clients and see if they have a good reputation; repeat clients are always a good sign!

Check how long they have been in business and look for their presence on social media; a skilled and reliable production company should be shouting from the rooftops about how great they are!

Reach out to them and ask questions about their pricing and production process. They should be responsive and happy to help!

A reliable production company should have a well-structured and thoroughly planned production process; it’s the planning that makes or breaks a film/campaign.

How do I optimise my videos for online platforms?

Planning where your video is going to go is just as important as the work that goes into making it. Your video should be optimised to the platforms you plan to use it on, whether that’s social channels such as Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin, your website, or during an ad break on TV!

Your production company should already know the requirements for each platform and be able to produce your video in a format, size, and aspect ratio best suited to each, and offer advice if you’re unsure.

At Gnu, in addition to our amazing video and animation services, we also offer marketing and distribution to help ensure your video is in the right place and seen by the right people.

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