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Our 2D animation studios produce high-end animated films for businesses and companies worldwide.

Crafted entirely in-house by our highly skilled animation team, we produce slick, engaging, and beautiful animated infographics that work for your brand and your audience. From icon-based infographic animations to kinetic text, infographic animations come in all shapes and sizes.

What’s more, infographics don’t have to be dry, with the right creative approach they can be inspirational, exciting, impressive, and stylish. Our animation services include scripting, storyboards, graphic design, and editing to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

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So Very Creative Testimonial
Cambridge University Press Testimonial
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What are infographic animations?

Infographic animations usually consist of facts, figures, and statistics designed to be more engaging and interesting. Often we’ll animate icons, moving graphics and charts and include sound effects and voice-over to help inform the audience.

It can be particularly useful when demonstrating growth as the graphics can visualise the change in sped-up time.

How can I make infographics myself?

Infographic animakers are freely available on the internet. There is a variety of software but they all have one thing in common, you. You need to make sure you prepare a good script, get it recorded professionally, find engaging music (and license it!) and then you actually make a slick animation. Just because you saved money doesn’t mean you made something that’s going to make you money. As the saying goes, you’re not paying for the hammer, you’re paying for the professional that wields it.

What's an infographic video used for?

Infographic videos are by far one of the most practised ways to communicate updates, statistics, company growth, research findings, shareholder reports, and market evaluations. They allow you to summarise progress and research with ease. With a full range of graphics and movement at your disposal, infographics can be a truly inspirational tool to get your audience gee’d up.

Where to get cheap animation infographics that looks good?

Cheap and good doesn’t often come hand in hand but Gnu does offer an animation package that combines both. Drop us a line and we’ll tell you about our infographic animation maker package.

How long should an infographic animation be?

With most marketing and advertising videos, the shorter the better, but it does all come down essentially to how much you need to say and how much budget you have to play with. We would recommend keeping it around 60 seconds wherever possible.

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