Training Animations


Animated Instructional Videos to Teach, Train and Explain


Our training animations are designed to make learning interesting to watch and information easy to retain.

Whether explaining how the software works or updating your health and safety videos, animated instructional videos are an essential tool in your belt. Instructional videos have not only the benefit of the carefully worded script and intuitive visuals but you can use them over and over again.

Whether as a reference tool to watch more than once or share with multiple people, these films ensure consistency and professionalism throughout.

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How to make animated training videos?

Keep it simple and if you have lots to teach break it up into a series of bitesize videos. The reason for this is you’re more likely to get complete engagement throughout. You can use the individual video in a modular way to suit the needs of the individual, and it’s much easier for people to go back and reference information they need to refresh on without forwarding through an entire 4-minute movie.

A guide for training animations is between 30 – 90 seconds for stand-alone films and 45 seconds on average for a series of films.

How much does a training animation cost?

The cost of training animations can depend on the style of animation itself and so vary greatly. Our package animation starts from as little as £550 +VAT for 30 seconds, our bespoke animation starts at around £2500 – £3000 +VAT.

However, it’s all very much down to the style, the length, and the complexity of the animation so the best thing to do is ask!

What can I use training animation videos for?

A training animation video covers a multitude of industries, products, and services because the format is so flexible. Bespoke animation means you can draw literally anything you like so the possibilities are endless.

Popular uses of training animations are usually to explain a product and how it can help, to show how to install or use software, to teach people about health and safety or company policies.

Where can I find examples of good animated instructional videos?

You can find tons of examples of our animated videos on our portfolio page or get in touch and we can send you some of our secret squirrel projects directly.

How do you find a good animation company?

There are 3 top hacks to help you choose your perfect video animation company.

1. Check the portfolio, not just the ones on their site but ask to see their favourite animations and you will get a feel for their passion and their range of skills.

2. Ask about their pre-production process. They should have a structured system along with production schedules and clear milestones during production. It’s industry-standard practice, don’t take any flannel.

3. Ask about their software preferences. If it’s freeware or not industry-standard then keep looking. They could make a nice edit but the format and resolution might not be fit for purpose and undermine the whole project.

But seeing as you are already here, I guess the search for a great animation company is over eh?

You're in good company