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Marketing on social media with video and animation made easy!


Gnu Films has long been a supporter of social media strategy. Video is a powerhouse for social media as it draws in the attention of the viewer mid scroll and helps to immediately identify marketing tribes.

Never has the psychology of your audience and their cultural zeitgeists been more relevant. Not only do we offer a range of social media deliverables for all formats and platforms, but we also provide pay-per-click marketing to help go beyond the delivery of the video and get it seen by the perfect audience.

By offering full-service script to screen facilities we can help ensure optimum range for your brand’s products and services.

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Billabong Testimonial
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Does video work on social media?

Social media videos are enjoying mass popularity right now. Social media is all about quick messaging and grabbing people’s attention. Video allows you to create short snippets with effective messaging catching the audience’s attention as they scroll through social media.

Essentially it is a vital component of a digital marketing strategy.

What is social media video production?

Video production for social media is actually quite different from website films and corporate video as a whole. There are often restrictions in terms of resolution and running time, not to mention shorter viewer attention span as social media is often more of a browsing platform.

This means that your films need to be much quicker and the messaging needs to be succinct. Stylistically they may need to be more bombastic (yes that’s right I said bombastic!) than perhaps a longer video because you’re fighting against a smorgasbord of information on one platform.

How to make effective social media videos?

Many companies are positioning themselves as social media video production companies but just being an influencer or having access to one doesn’t mean you can create social media videos for all industries. The rules of video production still apply. Quality of product and clarity of message is always paramount to any video or animation you produce.

Brevity is also your friend on social media, messages must be succinct and engaging and this can be quite tricky to balance. And lastly, a good marketing strategy for distribution is very important. We offer post-production social media ‘push’ campaigns that help push your video in front of the correct audience, driving them to your website and other areas of your marketing pipeline.

How long should the social media videos be?

Social media videos can vary in length depending on your message and your audience’s loyalty, with the call to action or click through taking them to a longer version of the film.

We offer an end-to-end service taking you from script to screen including social media distribution and can help advise you on how to get the best value from your video production including cutdowns, PPC and metrics.

Why use video in social media marketing?

Social media is now an intrinsic part of our day-to-day lives. On average we spend 145 minutes, per person, per day on social media in the UK.

On top of that, every social media platform has intrinsic marketing capabilities built into it specifically geared around video because it’s seen as being so relevant. Social video services are laden with yummy stats for audience engagement, for example, Facebook videos get 135% more organic reach than photos!

So, if you don’t have a video, you can’t be a part of this revolution.

You're in good company