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Voiceovers are an integral part of the voice over service. In fact, voice over services are one of the most used facilities in our arsenal. The right voice-over actor can bring a video to life, impart lend credibility and professionalism, sell a dream, calm the confusion, explain the unexplainable. Our voice-over services offer a broad range of actors suitable for all scripts and budgets. Drop us a line to find out more.

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FAQs about our voice over services

What is a voice over person called?

A voice-over person is often referred to as a voice-over artist or ‘talent’ or actor.

How do you get voice overs?

We have access to a broad variety of casting services to ensure you can get any voice-over artistry you wish. If you are looking to keep your budget down we also have a trusted pool of regular artists for you to choose from.

What is voice over and what will I get?

A voice-over is voice narration to your film which is often accompanied by video or animation. We record a script once the voice-over has been signed off and this is then audio balanced and kept as a digital file ready to be incorporated into the edit.

Where can I get a voice Over?

We offer a wide variety of voice-over artist options ranging in age, accent, tone, and language. All our voice-over services are professionally recorded for clear, high-quality audio. We offer a casting service for a specific voice in addition to our regular roster of professionals.

How much do voice over actors cost?

They range in cost, usually starting from £250 plus studio. We also offer celebrity voiceovers which can start from £5000.