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Gnu Films offer a variety of options when it comes to video presentations. Our in-house animation team are experts at getting your point across in a creative and engaging way. Whether producing pitch material, training staff, or educating shareholders, video presentations are a great way to get your point across in a simple way. We also produce shorter, cost-effective video presentations for promotional posts on social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Get in touch to find out more

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Video Presentation Examples

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FAQs about our video presentations

What are video presentations?

Video presentation services are catering to more information-driven assets. They are a hybrid between animations and a PowerPoint. They work really well on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and in client meetings. They make great sales tools the are impressive but also easily updated.

How is a video presentation different to a corporate video?

The keyword here is presentation, it’s a hybrid between an animation and a PowerPoint so its main focus is to communicate information, whether that be statistics, facts or summaries. A corporate video has more of a narrative arc that’s designed to have emotional appeal rather than just a factual resource.

How long should a video presentation be?

Video presentations should ideally be kept quite short; 60 seconds is a good amount of time, 90 seconds should be the maximum. The reason for this is to retain engagement. Attention spans get shorter with every year so be succinct and tell people what they want to know.

How much does a video presentation cost?

Graphically a video presentation consists of icons and text and potentially some mixed media assets. This means that it’s often less expensive than traditional animation or a fully-fledged corporate film. We produce video presentations from as little as £550 +VAT for 30 seconds.

Where can I use a video presentation?

Video presentations are primarily used for informing stakeholders, as a sales tool, or an after-sales tool, they are also used as interesting marketing decks on social media sites such as LinkedIn. However, it’s really up to you, most video presentation services will have the ability to adapt your film to any purpose on any platform. Get in touch to find out more.