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TV Commercials are still used as a marketing staple for B2C Advertising. With a variety of cost-effective options available for both national and regional media spots, you can manage your budget efficiently. Gnu Films are Sky Adsmart partners and can help with the entire process of TV advertising. From helping with media booking to broadcast formatting, and of course, creating a brilliant TV commercial we’ll take your exposure from zero to hero in no time. Get in touch to find out more.

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FAQs about our TV commercial production services

How do I produce a TV commercial?

TV commercial agencies use a slightly different process at the front and back end of the production process to facilitate the legal and technical requirements of broadcast advertising. Firstly we need to get an external agency Clearcast to review the intended script to ensure it meets broadcast rules. We also need to think about scheduling and broadcast spots so we can calculate viewing figures for any assets licensing such as music At the backend, we need to get final approval from Clearcast once more then add safety bars, media booking ID, and clocking to help time the advert. From here it’s off to the broadcasting platform and watch those website hits rise.

What makes a good tv commercial?

TV adverts production companies tend to take a slightly more impactful approach to broadcast commercials. Think about adverts that. Have stayed with you, they have usually had a stand-out element that makes them memorable. Be brave, be daring, and think about what really resonates with you and your customer.

How much does aTV commercial cost?

The cost for a TV commercial is a sliding scale depending on what you are creating. A good advert doesn’t have to cost the earth and careful media planning with an agency such as Sky Adsmart means you can be on-air form as little as 10k

Which type of video advertsing is most effective?

From using a commercial production studio to an animated tv commercial the approach will all come down to your message and your audience. These have to be primary points of focus when discussing possibilities with your video production company. Give them a detailed brief, look at what successes your competitors have had, and go from there.

How to get your commercial on UK TV?

Media books are actually pretty easy. TV advertising companies usually already have a relationship with a variety of agencies. Where you decide upon, which channels etc will entirely depend upon your target audience and your budget. Ask your video production company to find out more.