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Actors, Models, Voice Artists and Presenters

We offer a full range of talent casting services through a variety of agency partnerships and direct casting. Whether your looking for a voice to represent your company or talented actors to tell your story we have inifinte choices to ensure quality, diversity, and professionalism throughout your production.

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FAQs about our talent casting services

What is casting talent?

Talent is the human element in a production. Actors, voice-over artists, presenters, models, and celebrities. Casting is when you put together a description of what you need and actively go out and seek them ‘casting’ the net wide as it were. It’s an important process as ‘just anyone won’t do. That person really represents your product and your message so it’s vital they’re an accurate reflection of your company, but that’s why we’re here to help with our casting service.

How much does it cost for talent casting?

This ranges greatly depending on who and how many you are casting for and whether auditions will be required.

How long does talent casting take?

1 – 2 weeks is a reasonable amount of time assuming the requirement is not too niche.

What if I don’t like the people you choose?

Casting is a process. We take a brief first so we already have a good idea of who you are looking for and make sure the casting fits the brief. If however, the options we present are not quite right, we will find you some more.

Where do you find actors?

There’s a variety of sources. We advertise on membership sites put out a ‘casting call’. We also search locations like spotlight or equity registered actors and for more difficult requirements we have relationships with professional casting agencies.