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Filming on Sets, In Studios and On Location

Gnu offers a full-location studio shoot service to ensure you have exactly the right backdrop for your film. From a studio shoot to specialist sets we ensure you can present an authentic, professional message that speaks to your audience.

All shoot logistics can be handled by our seasoned production team down to the very last detail from health and safety to where to park. We’ll also advise and provide the latest film kit, award-winning crew, and any casting requirements. If you’ve got something in mind, fill out the contact form and we’ll tell you how we can help.

We have relationships with studios across the UK, so you just need to ask: where is the nearest video shoot studio near me?

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FAQs about our studio shoot services

What is a studio shoot?

Whether turning an available space into a studio or using a pre-rigged location, studios offer a secluded, blank canvas that’s often soundproofed. Some video studios come with infinity walls that offer a curved background to create the illusion of an endless space behind. Larger studios are often built inside air hangers and used for larger product shoots such as fashion shows and automotive videos.

How do you shoot in a studio?

All good studio shoots require planning regardless of their location. When holding a video shoot, studios are usually an empty location so often need to be rigged and set before filming so sometimes this needs to be arranged the day before to ensure the cast and crew can hit the ground running.

What is studio lighting used for?

Lighting is one of the most important considerations for studio shoots, whether using natural light or artificial. Lighting has a variety of uses but primarily its purpose is to highlight features, create depth, texture and clarify visuals.

What is needed for a photo studio?

Largely what you need for a photo studio or video shoot studio will depend on the film you are making. However, you will always need a camera operator, lighting tech, director, and production manager, which luckily, we always have to hand ; )

How much does it cost for a studio shoot?

The cost of studio hire is reflected in how big the space is and how much cast and crew you need. You also need to consider what props your studio set may need and any logistics such as carriage and power supply for those props. Drop us a line and we can talk you through it!