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Scriptwriting is one of the most important stages of the production process and everything we create together will shape around this frame. The message has to be accurate, compelling, relevant, and fit for the audience. We offer a variety of video writing services including formal corporate video, emotive appeals, scripted piece-to-camera, presenter scripts, actor scripts, conversational scriptwriting, and interview scripts.

We’re also happy to collaborate on any scripts you have developed in-house, helping finesse it to a polished finish that works on screen. If you’d like to discuss scriptwriting with us drop us a line and let’s start a conversation.

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FAQs about our video editing services

What is the format of script writing?

Most commonly, we use Microsoft Word for scriptwriting and ask that you turn on track changes for a clear and simple feedback process.

What types of script writing do you offer?

Scriptwriting services vary greatly depending on the message you have. We cover all aspects of commercial and corporate scriptwriting including TV adverts, voice-over scripts, appeal videos, actor-based scriptwriting, presenter-led scriptwriting, and interview scripts.

How do you start writing a script?

We start by creating a bullet-pointed list of primary and secondary messages. These are the key bits of information scriptwriting companies need to make an effective film. From here we consider the audience and the company’s personality to shape this into a script with a narrative arc. It’s vital that you speak in a language the audience identifies with to gain their buy-in. The first draft is then sent to the client to review.

How much does scriptwriting cost?

Scriptwriting usually comes as part of a filming package with 2 – 3 rounds of amends. It can be commissioned as an independent service and starts from as little as £250 +VAT. We’re also happy to take your script and give it the once over to ensure it’s in an optimised video script writing format.

How long does scriptwriting take?

Corporate video scriptwriting is actually relatively speedy once all the information has been collated. However it does depend upon the length of the film, but a 60-second corporate video script including research would take around a day or two to produce the first draft. From here we go through a review process with our client to ensure it’s on message and hits the right tone.