Macro Photography Hints and Tips for Beginners

Macro Photography Hints and Tips for Beginners

May 19, 2020 How to Guides [rt_reading_time post_id="1462"] MIN READ


With parks now a more viable option, its time to flex your photography muscles. Macro photography offers a new perspective on everything. Our resident camerawoman, Amy, has been kind enough to provide you with a few top tips!


The beauty of macro photography is that it captures details not visible with the naked eye. Anything makes for a good subject, you just need light and a camera, so whether you’re new to it or an old hand, here are Amy’s 101 hacks for macro photography.


• If going handheld (particularly if shooting anything living, such as a doggo) prioritise a faster shutter speed (most of mine were shot at 1/100 – 1/125), and increase/decrease the ISO & f-stop as needed.


• The lower your f-stop the more depth of field you’ll get! But remember – you’ll need to adjust your ISO every time you change your f-stop!


• Don’t bump your ISO up/down to the extremes or you’ll get grainy, noisy images! Remember you can adjust your f-stop and shutter speed to alter the exposure of your images.


• We love a bit of foreground blur! Find objects that you can bring into your frame ever so slightly to get that gorgeous foreground blur and make your subject stand out more. Use a plant, something colourful, something shiny – get creative!


• Bring your subject away from the background for more blur (don’t have your subject in front of a wall, bring it away for a gorgeous blurry background – and find a background with a pop of colour if you can!)


• Don’t be afraid to play with your images in post! Have a go at changing the exposure, lights, highlights, shadows, darks, hue, saturation, etc. on your computer/phone and see what happens. (We love Lightroom and Photoshop – both of which you can get for free on your phone!)


We’d love to see some of your shots too! Tag us and post your pics, and lets put a new perspective on lockdown!


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