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The success of good internal communications is the consistency of the message and making sure that message is heard. At Gnu Films we focus on clear messaging that really engages with the audience. We work hand in hand with your brand team to ensure the company values and culture is curated in everything we do. We’ve produced a wide variety of creative approaches from puppets to poems, talking heads to whiteboards, every film is always perfect. We handle all production in-house from script to screen and ensure value in every frame.

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FAQs about our Internal Comms Videos

What does internal comms mean?

Internal comms is an abbreviation for internal communication. This is the cascade of information from the decision-makers right the way through the organization so everybody is on the same page and has the same information. This can range from health and safety protocols right the way through to re-branding and consistency of service. Often these departments will use internal communication videos, posters, digital brochures, and of course emails as well as other marketing tactics to ensure message saturation throughout the company. At Gnu Films we produce internal comms videos, animations, infographics, digital artwork, as well as posters. The key thing to remember with internal comms is engagement; your staff already have enough to do so give them a reason to pay attention. Get in touch to find out more!

How much do internal comms videos cost?

The cost for an internal communications video varies depending on length, subject, the complexity of the message, and also the style you choose. You may choose a cost-effective option of using stock footage combined with onscreen graphics which can start from £2500 +VAT or you may wish to explore on-site filming across a variety of sites which may take several days and therefore cost more. The most important aspect of corporate video costs is being honest about your budget. Let us know what you’re comfortable allocating and we will put forwards the best solutions for you.

How to use video for internal communications?

Internal comms videos are an extremely agile format that can also be very responsive when required. This means that they can be used for a variety of messages. Long-term plans such as branding, mergers, structural changes, annual reports, and health and safety information can be easily planned ahead and scripted to ensure employee buy-in on all levels. Short-term requirements such as quick updates, emergency response (for example covid changes), functionality updates, and events can also be produced in as little as 48 hours. Whatever you need to communicate within your organisation can be streamlined through video and animation. Get in touch to find out more.

How to engage employees with internal comms?

Internal comms is about good communication. This is about both speaking and listening. To get your staff to listen you must make interesting and relevant material that will engage them. Video is an excellent way to engage staff as it can help to build relationships through empathy, message simplification, and expediency.

What makes a good internal comms video?

In my honest opinion, a good internal comms video will be interesting, passionate, exciting, and have an offering for the viewer. Internal comms should be about engagement and involve a two-way conversation. A passive audience is not an engaged audience. Internal comms allows you a broader approach towards creativity and style, take advantage of this opportunity by exploring new and unusual styles whether they are animation, film, stock footage, or graphics, let’s get people talking about what you have to say.