How-To Animations

Simple animations to explain complicated ideas

This is where a picture really does tell 100 words. A complex idea can be broken down and retold as a simple narrative using an animated ‘How to’. Whether explaining how to pair some headphones, how to mix cement, how to use a website, or even fill out a form, ‘How to’ animations can make an intimidating task easy. Using 2D animation, voiceovers, music and effects, and a great script we can provide fast and effective ‘how to’ animations or explainer animations in a jiffy. Drop us a line to find out more.

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How-To Animation Examples

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FAQs about our 'how to' animation videos

What is a 'how-to' animation used for

A ‘how to’ animation video is used to simplify a complicated idea. It uses voice-over, on-screen text, and often 2D animation to explain how to do something. The uses are very flexible and vary from how to put together some furniture, to how to bake a cake, how to use your new technology to how to use some software. The options are endless, chat with your animation studio and they will be able to suggest ideas on how best to do it.

Why is a 'how-to' video animation better than text instructions?

A how-to video animation often simplifies instructions, giving audio and visual guidance so your viewer can work alongside the video.

How do I make a 'how-to' animation?

It’s best to not make a how-to video yourself as you may overcomplicate the instruction through ‘knowing too much about your product. A video production company or animation studio can view it through your customer’s eyes and offer a practical, effective video animation.

Can I make my own 'how-to' animation?

There’s lots of animation maker style software available online to make your own ‘how-to’ animation. However, animation studios are practised in the art of scripting and can make visuals that more accurately represent your product, service, or process. How-to animations or explainer videos need to be concise and clear on what they are explaining or they wont work.

How long should an animated instructional video be?

About 60 seconds, if that’s not practical then keep it as short as possible.
But the average viewer watched 72% of the shorter video and only 50% of the longer video. The only difference: we left a 10-second clip out of the shorter video. Psychologists say that the average human sustained attention span is 20 minutes. But for online videos, it seems to be about 60 seconds. If your explainer needs to have more information in then make a series of short animations so your audience can chose the relevant information for themselves. This will increase your SEO, reduce your bounce rate and increase your audience return rate.