(How) Does Video Marketing Work?

(How) Does Video Marketing Work?

September 21, 2020 Marketing [rt_reading_time post_id="1566"] MIN READ


Video Marketing Hacks for a Successful Campaign


Video marketing has been a successful staple of businesses growth since 22nd September 1955 when the first TV commercial for Gibbs S.R. Toothpaste aired in the UK. As the popularity of  social media continues to rise in today’s marketing landscape, so does the success of video marketing.  Add a lockdown with some WFH-nofirewall-nobosslooking-socialmediaaddicted-daydreamers, and you have a growth spurt that not even the most optimistic video marketers predicted.


Wyzowl has some fab insights from it’s State of Video Marketing Survey 2020, you can read the full thing here, but a few of our favourite highlights include:


48% of first-time video marketers got started with video because they found it easier to convince others in the business of its value.


18% of first-time video marketers started using video in 2019 because they feel clearer about the ROI of video.


87% of video marketers say video has increased traffic to their website.


80% of video marketers say video has directly helped increase sales.


Assuming that you have a brilliant video company and some great content, the biggest hurdle that now faces us is deployment.

The stats for video marketing stack up nicely when it comes to audience size, demographic and platform opportunities. The same goes for the versatility of video and animation, adapting to all industries, personalities and messages. The trick is, like every other digital marketing strategy, how you apply it. In this article we’re going to look at the bare facts of video consumption using the most recent UK marketing statistics, and how best to get your video marketing strategy in place. We’re a video and animation production company on the front line so expect a few useful hacks along the way too : )


So, let’s start with uptake. Is video marketing still a relevant and fast-growing industry? Short answer: Absolutely.


96% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.


84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.


74% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy or download a piece of software or app by watching a video.






What are the main platforms and how can you use them?


There are 3 core platforms that you should always consider as they’re generally used by a broad cross-section of people, meaning your audience is most likely in there too. That doesn’t mean these are the only ones you should use though, with many more around and quite a few on the up, Bright Cove to name but one, the stage for video advertising is continually growing. But for now, let’s focus on the key social media spaces to get the ball rolling.



YouTube is the most popular social media platform for marketers to publish videos on. Nearly nine out of ten (88%) marketers say they plan to do video marketing on YouTube (Wyzowl, 2020). Having your own channel and linking to it via your website, or other social media platform, is a great way for your audience to engage with you. If you have a ‘channel’ of films with a variety of topics then your audience can explore you and your brand, rather than act as a passive audience. In addition, there is, of course, a variety of PPC opportunities including Pre-rolls (Youtube Pre-rolls are the little videos that play before the main one you want to see). Over time these are great for raising awareness of a new company or product, or even just reminding people you’re still there.



Facebook, the king of social media, with more than three-quarters (76%) of marketers planning to do video marketing on the platform. In addition to bulking out your profile and encouraging your business page as a resource, you can, of course, utilise the sponsored ads. Whether it’s 5 -10 second teasers to take people to the full thing on your page or a self-contained video, it ensures that not only does your ad get in front of the right people, but they engage with it.



Having launched video features as recently as 2017, LinkedIn is a relatively new player as a video marketing platform. But already, it has surpassed other platforms like Instagram and Twitter to become the third-most-popular social media platform for video marketing. Two-thirds (66%) of marketers say they will be using video on LinkedIn in 2020.

This of course lends itself to a variety of sales opportunities as users on LinkedIn are generally considered to be in more of a ‘purchasing mind’. It’s a format that appreciates the talking head interview, values the specialist keynote speech and enjoys a creative infographic animation because LinkedIn is for business professionals, where-as Youtube and Facebook are for everyone.





These are the holy trinity of Video Marketing platforms, but of course, we mustn’t overlook platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, TikTok (for the moment anyway) and Snapchat.


The reason video marketing works is not just what you make, but where you put it. It works by speaking to your new and existing audience through mediums they are comfortable with. Social Media is only one set of stages but for low cost / high returns, they are a great campaign base. Even if you are a destination site, don’t undervalue your video presence in more recreational spaces. As video continues to grow as a powerful marketing tool, it’s still finding new ways to engage with people and it’s clear that customers not only want to see more, but they want to see high-quality videos and animation that stand apart from the home-made noise.

Don’t forget, what you make has as much importance as deployment. No two companies are the same, so whatever you produce, it needs to be tailored to the audience AND your brand.  If you’d like to know more about how and what to make, then check out a few of our other blogs including A Beginners Guide to Corporate Video. This 5 part series covers all aspects of video production from scripting to editing and everything in between.



Before I go, I’ll leave you with another Wyzowl Gem to get those cogs turning…


“86% of people would like to see more video from brands in 2020. Out of these, 36% say they’d most like to see more educational/explainer video style content, with 14% wanting to see more product demos.”







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