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In addition to digital animation, we also offer the more traditional format of freehand drawn animation videos. This can be a more emotive and touching style that lends itself well to storytelling and artisan brands. Using a combination of digital techniques and good ol’ fashioned pen and paper we craft beautiful renderings that will transport your audience to another world. Hand-drawn animation videos are a unique format, it’s the difference between Spotify and vinyl and a surefire way to stand apart from the crowd. Drop us a line to find out more.

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Hand-Drawn Animation Examples

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FAQs about our Hand-Drawn Animation Video Services

What is drawn animation?

Traditional animation, also known as cel animation, or hand-drawn animation, is an animation technique where each frame of the film is drawn by hand and was – until the arrival of computer animation – the dominant form used in cinema. At Gnu we offer traditional hand-drawn animation as well as a hybrid of the two techniques combining hand-drawn frames with digital manipulation to allow for quicker and more cost-effective productions.

Is hand drawn animation expensive?

Hand-drawn animation videos take longer than digital so it is more expensive than its modern digital counterpart. A starting cost for 30 seconds is around £8,000 +VAT – £10,000 +VAT.

Is all animation hand animated?

Depends on how persnickety you want to get… all assets essentially have to be drawn. But real hand-drawn animation is drawn cell by cell to create a movement rather than manipulating a single asset digitally.

How can I make my business video stand out?

There’s a lot of animated corporate videos out there and it’s very easy to jump on a trend. However, if you want to stand out then you should be looking to do something different; create an impression that leaves a visual echo. The hand-drawn animation is a very distinctive approach that looks authentic. In the words of Matt Groening, “There’s always room out there for the hand-drawn image. I personally like the imperfection of hand drawing as opposed to the slick look of computer animation.”

Why use hand drawn animations?

Hand-drawn animation looks unique, it lends emotion and authenticity to a video. Its uneven lines and more rustic style show a sincerity that cannot be replicated with digital perfection. This style is suited to certain demographics and will appeal to them and help engage them in conversation with your brand.