Gnu Films COVID Guidelines for Production FAQ

Gnu Films COVID Guidelines for Production FAQ

June 17, 2020 Production [rt_reading_time post_id="1502"] MIN READ



A Gnu Films COVID Update asking the important questions, such as:


      • Are you filming?
      • How are we keeping you safe?
      • Why might a goat be in on our Zoom meeting?
      • How is Wookie, our office dog, doing and where is she isolating?


      With businesses reopening; customer, staff and stakeholder confidence is paramount for us all.

      So, we’ve put a post together to highlight exactly how we’re ensuring you get the same stellar customer service, friendly smiles, and high-end videos that you expect from us. We probably won’t be able to bring you doughnuts for a bit though – soz. So, to answer a few questions first off…

      Yes! We can! We can offer studio filming, locations filming and remote edits using your very own footage even if it’s been shot on your phone. We have two fully operational edit-suites available for post-production including grading and sound mixing. The process is very similar to normal productions, but we may advise to keep filming as simplified as possible to facilitate social distancing.

      We have taken our primary working practice guidelines for filming from PACT. This guidance has been produced in conjunction with BBC, ITV and Sky. The full guidelines may be downloaded here, but below we’ve highlighted some of the key factors for staying safe during filming.


          • Risk Assessments will be carried out prior to any shoot, studio or location. Where possible, indoor locations should be replaced for outdoors or greenscreen scenarios. We’ll be avoiding smaller locations for the time being.
          • Travel will be kept separate and to a minimal. Use of public transport will be discouraged for the time being.
          • Hand-washing will be compulsory at various points throughout the day, starting from arrival. Hand sanitiser will be available on set at all times.
          • PPE for crew will be made available where appropriate.
          • Temperatures of the crew and contributors will be taken and recorded before setting up begins.
          • Crew and Cast sizes will be dramatically reduced to the essentials. This means that complex filming which involves rigging support, multiple lighting rigs or multiple cameras may be restricted.
          • Floor markings will be placed with temporary tape to ensure adequate distancing is visible.
          • Paperwork, kit and materials will be allocated and kept to one person and not shared.
          • High-Risk filming subjects or locations will be given a higher level of safety precautions in addition to the PACT guidelines, which will be confirmed on a project by project basis.


Our post-production and animation services are affected in a much smaller sense. All our staff are still working from home and will continue to do so for the immediate future. All equipment, project sharing apps and secure cloud storage systems were in place before the lockdown occurred. These guidelines will be continually reviewed to ensure we are practising optimal safety precautions at all times.

With the continual onslaught of ‘Zoom-fatigue’ but the undeniable necessity to collaborate face to face, a bright spark at Cronkshawfold Farm decided to offer a surprise guest during your zoom meeting in the form of a goat. Each booking costs £5 and the money goes directly to funding renewable technologies at the farm to help battle the climate crisis. If you’ve got a project to discuss and want to make sure you’re heard by a goat too, then just let us know when we arrange it.  You can even choose your guest, from the sassy Simone to the talented Terrance – click here ( to choose your goat!!

Wookie is doing well. She’s desperately missing the team for her daily scratches but being pretty stoic about keeping indoors, with Mum. She’s been doing a few updates on her Office Dog Blog on Twitter, so make sure you follow her there for more news!!


As this article outlines the top-line information, if you have any questions or concerns at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can try our brand new Online Chat at or we’re still available on our office number 01604 422911. More than ever, we need to #keepcommunicating, so we can inform, educate and reassure people. Let’s do it safely, together.


If you’re ready to get started, then get in touch! Call us on 01604422911 or email [email protected]. We’re a full-service video and animation company serving the whole of the UK and more!


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