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Gnu Films has been producing corporate animations and business videos for over 13 years. Our end-to-end in-house services cover all aspects of production with professionals on hand to help at every stage. Our client list ranges from SMEs to global corporates, each animation tailored to the client. From training films to internal comms, from product demos to TV Commercials, Gnu Films offers the full range of animated video services for business and corporate ventures. We use the latest techniques, software, and equipment with industry-trained staff managing your entire production from concept to delivery. It’s not as complicated as you might think, so get in touch to find out more!

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FAQs about our Corporate Animations

What are corporate animation videos?

Corporate Animation Videos come in many shapes and sizes and are primarily used for promotion, education, or sales conversion. These take many forms depending on the brand, the product or service, and the audience. A corporate animation just means that it is for business, or to be used as part of the business tool kit whether for sales or communication. Corporate videos not only educate and inform but can also be used as powerful SEO tools and assets for online presence across a range of social media platforms. Statistically, corporate video increases traffic, conversion, and customer satisfaction considerably. 

What are corporate animations used for?

Corporate Animations are used for a wide variety of purposes but ultimately it’s an effective consistent form of communication. Some of the examples include sales videos, product explainer videos, animated FAQ films, TV commercials, social media teasers, staff training, health, and safety films, induction videos, recruitment films, and even shareholder updates. There’s no message that video doesn’t successfully lend its format to.

How do I find a good animated corporate video production company?

Assuming you are already happy with their portfolio of work and their costs, one of the first things to look for is an in-house animator team. If they are using a freelancer or farming out to another company this could (not definitely) impact the final cost. It may also mean that amends and updates could take longer and incur additional costs.

How much does a corporate animation agency cost?

Cost varies as business animations can be as simple or as complex as you like. Simpler animations are infographics or icon-based animations, anything with more movement or detail tends to take longer to make and so costs more. The cost will also depend on whether your business animation company has in-house capabilities, if they have to farm the work out to a freelancer then the cost can be higher to ensure they still make money on the project after paying the additional staff.

Can I make a coporate animation myself?

There are lots of online animation tools to help you make your own animations. We would strongly advise you only do this to dip your toe in the water and make sure you have the time you can invest into making it look clean as possible. Essentially you can invest weeks getting to know the software, learning to write a good script (not just some copy) find a professional voice over artist, adapt the visuals to try and fit your script (but probably not your brand), and then see if your results are comparable to a professional corporate animation video. If it doesn’t look as good, please don’t damage your brand by using it, no matter how much time you spent. It tells your customers that you don’t do things properly.