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Shooting a corporate interview isn’t ever just a case of plonking someone down in front of a camera and flicking a switch. Sure, when it looks good, it looks easy, but the reality is that getting the footage you want out of an interview is pretty tough. A good interview will always require you to stick by a few simple rules, and luckily we’ve compiled a little list of what we think makes a corporate interview run smoothly.


1. Clients and comfort.

For the inexperienced interviewee, shooting a video interview can be rough. Walking into a room full of blinding lights and busy people, sitting in a chair, and realizing that everything hinges on you isn’t ever an easy idea to swallow. It all seems like a panic attack waiting to happen. The thing is, it shouldn’t, and if a video company does their job right, it won’t. Of course, the consequence is that if a client is sweaty and shaking when they sit down, you’ll never ever get the footage you want. It’s that simple.

From a video production company’s standpoint, being personable and easy to communicate with is crucial. The ability to smile and crack a (tasteful) joke is often the difference between a happy, confident client and a quaking, stuttering one. Still, to achieve the best results, remember to…

2. Always pick the right person for the job.

This is vital. Humour, patience, and politeness can get you so far, but a naturally introverted interviewee simply won’t succumb to it. The only way to get around this is to put in a little research time. Always seek out the most personable, up-front candidate you have to offer. This way, when it comes to shooting, you can focus on getting them to say the things you want, instead of getting them to sit up straight or stop crying. Pick the person you can imagine representing your brand, not just the person that’s available that day.

3. Preparation

Make sure your location is good looking and good sounding – no car noises, air con or machines. Prepare your questions beforehand and if necessary remind yourself of the answers that you’re looking for. If you’re interviewing more than one person have a schedule that everyone is aware of. Also, it’s a good idea to put up signs in order to make sure that people keep that area quiet while filming.

4. Understand the message, the project, and the brand.

This point links us back to our previous post on how to choose the right video company. If you’re getting a video company to help you make your film, they need to understand who you are, what you’re trying to say and who you’re saying it to. There’s no ROI if there’s no meaningful agenda
Before you sit someone down to an interview, you should already know the best possible things that they could say.

You may have decided to just skip to the end of this article. If you did, we’ll keep the conclusion short: prepare thoroughly, pick the right person for the job, make them feel comfortable, then keep everything as on-message as you possibly can.

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Gnu Films Staff.