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What is Peer-to-Peer Video Marketing?


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Peer-to-Peer marketing or ‘Peer Power’ as its now being coined is nothing new but the way we apply it is. It’s the concept of sharing ideas or services through established relationships and social circles. From a cool video you saw online to sharing your house through airbnb, we introduce our friends, family and co-workers, the people that already exist in our established trust circle to ‘cool stuff’ we found on the internet. Facebook, Linked In, Twitter – the usual suspect – have enabled us to find like minded people that share our values much more easily with just the click of a ‘share’ icon.

So what does this all have to do with corporate films and recruitment videos? Peer to Peer marketing is tantamount to viral videos, they are in fact how a video achieves it viral status. You make a film that offers insight, humour, rewards or emotional connection and someone out there will pick it up and appreciate it. That person then sends it to their peers who will also ‘value’ it. With the plethora of sharing platforms you can rise through the ranks from the personal Facebook page sporting skiing squirrels and a ‘thought for the day’ meme to being recognised by high profile trending sites such as Buzzfeed and Digg. This means that your brand film is seen and your message is heard not just by the general populous but by the demographic you are actually seeking to sell to. If you want to look at it from a more nuts and bolts business perspective peer to peer marketing is really the ultimate in targeted marketing, getting you inside the lives and more importantly the minds of those like-minded people.