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Top tips for Video Production Testimonials

5 top tips for brilliant video production testimonials.

Video production is great for a variety of uses. It comes in many formats and one video is not the same as another in the same way an instruction manual is not the same as a birthday card. Format, purpose and content are all key to using the right platform for the right message. Over a series of posts I’m going explore the plethora of options available. This month we going to look at testimonials or case studies as they are sometimes known.

Firstly, let me tell you about some of my personal achievements.


  1. Make a mean cheese toastie
  2. Can speak fluently in both Spanish and Klingon
  3. Make high-end, successful corporate videos
  4. Have successfully solved the P = Pn quandary with just an abacus and a guitar

How you know I’m telling the truth. How you qualify, quantify and verify what your being told. You can look at examples, read up on some the convincing blurb I have written, Google Translate è per controllarne il corretto? Or perhaps read a quote from my website…

“Miss Myhill is an amazing mathematician, her solution claiming that ‘n’ is in fact equal to ‘Pn” is nothing short of revolutionary” A.Fibbre

I think you see what I’m getting at. Credibility and believability are king, not just content. This is where video production comes in. It’s straight from the horses mouth offering genuine, bonafide reccomendations signed, sealed and delivered every time someone visits your site, your youtube channel or linkedin page. You just press play.

How to create video testimonials that work

  1. Make it short. Attention spans are short nowadays, its why video works better than text. Aim for around 1.30 – 2 minutes if possible. Complete video views will improve your SEO too.
  2. Stay focused. It’s tempting to have your company history, service explanation and how-to all rolled into one. This is not what a testimonial is for. Focus on 3 – 5 core USP’s and don’t be tempted to side track or your video with not answer the question your audience asked.
  3. Choose your case studies wisely. Don’t just pick the client your most friendly with. Choose the ones that carry weight with your target audience. If your aiming to gather more blue-chips, they will not be interested in watching a testimonial from the local chippie – they want peer to peer recommendations.
  4. Ask the right questions. Its not necessarily what you think is important to tell your clients but more about what your clients are looking for. What do they worry about the most, what do they like about yur compeititrs that you can counter and most importantly does your product or service do, what it purports to?
  5. Lastly, show your product or service. Its important to include cutaways or clips of your client demonstrating what they are saying to truly demonstrate the authenticity of their words.

If you’re looking for a way to convert your clicks to sales, this could be the final push your website visitors need. And don’t forget by uploading these films to sites like youtube and vimeo too so you open yourself up to new audiences and internet searches.


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