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5 Easy Ways that Video can Improve your SEO

Video is the SEO Holy Grail so here’s How: 5-easy-ways-video-can-improve-seo. Whilst I don’t claim to be an SEO specialist, I’ve definitely noticed how keeping our video content fresh has kept us on Page one of Google for the last 5 years for both ‘Video Company Northampton/|Bedford/ Milton Keynes’ and ‘Animation Company Northampton/Bedford/Milton Keynes’ So no complex […]

8 Things your Video Marketing Strategy Should Include

An Actual Strategy! A video marketing strategy is just that. Making a video is not enough. You need to know what it’s for, who it’s for and how you’re going to get them to see it. Youtube and Vimeo are video streaming platforms for millions of people – NOT targeted demographics. Once on youtube, you […]

The Art of the Corporate Interview – How to film an Interview

Gnu Films: Video production company for Northampton, Milton Keynes, Bedford and Leicester. Shooting a corporate interview isn’t ever just a case of plonking someone down in front of a camera and flicking a switch. Sure, when it looks good, it looks easy, but the reality is that getting the footage you want out of an […]