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Northamptonshire Business Awards 2014


Gnu Films : Video production for Northampton, Milton Keynes, Bedford and Leicester

It’s that time of year (#smalltrumpetynoise) for the Northamptonshire Business Excellence Awards. Last year we were lucky enough for our very own Rere McLeod to win the Worker of the Year award 2013 and this year we are finalists for Business of the Year Award no less! We are also very lucky to be finalists for the Training and Development Awards, which is quite an honour. We put a lot stock in how our editors, video production staff and animators are nurtured and it made me think about how we approach our talent development and the culture of our company. We take a massive amount of pride in not just what we do, but how we do it and it shows.

Our first inspiration was taken from the Netflix Management and Culture Presentation. It’s a 40 page document highlighting why the more traditional business models of staff development perhaps need a bit of a refresher. Its about giving responsibilities not deadlines, respecting the people you work with and growing their talent rather than pigeon-holing it. It’s an inspirational piece and well worth the read.

Of all the great literature on business development and video production or film, this really struck a chord with us, so if you have the time, please take out some time to consider its values.