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How to make my video go viral

Ah if only there was a guaranteed way to make your video go viral. As a video production company if we had the secret sauce to do it everytime, I could have retired 10 years ago.

Going viral is like winning the internet lottery, there is always a certain element of luck to it . However there are things you can do to increase your chances so below are my top 5 tips for ‘Winning the Lottery’.


  1. Identify your market. This cardinal rule of marketing extends to viral videos. You can’t market to everyone in one go. You might be lucky enough to pick up new audiences but at the end of the day if they are a 6 years old child not in the market for a new hoover and that’s what your selling then regardless of viral reach, your video is an epic fail. Who are you selling too and what appeals to them? What’s their sense of humour where do they even normally hang-out online? My nan is not a fan of ‘The Facebook’ as she ominously calls it, but she does do emails and reads e-shots.


  1. Be unique. It’s not as hard as it sounds. Once you have identified your market and stopped trying to target the world your left with a much smaller pool of competitor videos. Look at what they are doing and don’t do that. This does of course not come without risks because people work in a certain way for a reason, but necessity is the mother of invention and if you don’t try something new, you’ll never know if it could work. Just look at ‘Will It Blend’ arguably the worlds most successful viral campaign for sales generation that was only really loosely linked with the product itself.


  1. Keep it short. Even cat videos can get boring after 3 minutes. There’s only so many time you can watch a kitty attack a printer (warning there is some naughty language in this video but we’ll forgive them as they have over 10 million views) click here for  #printerkitty  The New York Times found more than 19 percent of people had left a video after only 10 seconds. By a minute in, the video had lost a staggering 44 percent of viewers. Think fast and think smart, get to the point and don’t overload it with messages.


  1. Give them what they want. Universally we like to watch shows that are genuinely clever, funny, dramatic, breathtaking or shocking. The key word here being ‘Genuine’. In my humble option this is the crux of the matter. Coming up with the perfect idea in the first place. Just ‘cos your mate Dave down the pub likes it and thinks you’re hilarious does not mean the world will. It’s equally not clever if its been done before and you copy it with your face on and finally something shocking is not you flashing your pants at a level crossing – its just inappropriate.  From the perspective of a video production company the film production is the easy part, it’s the idea and the planning that needs more time and money, because it has to be right. And any production company worth their salt will get you a good idea if you support them.


  1. Get involved. Its not enough to just make a film you have to engage with your audience. If people like your film ‘like’ them back and follow them, check out their videos and add comments. The internet is no longer individuals sat in their pants eating pizza it’s a collection of many communities and you won’t be invited to play with them if you don’t play nice.

Like I say, it’s not a shoe-in, but its a strong start. make it good, make it quick and make it now.

So that’s it for us, check us out next Month to find out exactly What Is an Infographic?

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