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How to Choose the Right Video Production Company

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When it comes to choosing the right video production company, there are a lot of things to consider. Everyone knows the drill: you have a message – a powerful, shining beacon of pure, white-hot emotion that’ll make all other corporate media look like it was shot at night, inside a Grundon bin. You can see it when you close your eyes, and it’s perfect.

Here’s the thing – unless you make the right choices when considering a video company, that message inside your head is very likely never to see the light of day.

There’s a knack to making the right decision, but it’s relatively easy to pick up. All it takes is a little knowledge, and with these few simple pointers you’ll avoid having to trawl through every last show reel that the internet has to offer.

1. Never be afraid to ask questions.

While online research can get you far, communicating directly with a potential company will give invaluable insight into their relationship with clients. It’s going to sound like obvious advice, but paying attention and looking for the right signs is crucial when picking your video agency. Take note of how your requests and ideas are being handled. Recognizing politeness and professionalism is key.

A good video production company is always focused on the needs of its clients, so picking a company that listens carefully and communicates well really is half the battle.

2. Make sure you choose a company that suits you.

Video companies are like Kinder eggs.

Don’t click away yet – just hear us out for a second. Now, you can buy two identical Kinder eggs and they’ll seem the same, but each will have a different toy inside. You’re buying the same thing each time, but you’re getting a different result. In the same way, it’s likely that if you give the same brief to two separate video companies, you’ll ultimately get two very different toys. Sorry, videos.

This is why a good fit is vital. Get to know your company, how they operate, and the kind of content that they produce. Observe their presence and attitude on social networking sites, as well as their approach to advertising. It also pays to know what their strengths are. Maybe they’ve had success with animation, but their talking head films aren’t as popular. This will help you understand whether their ideas and style fit into place with your own.

3. Pick a company with experience.

When pitching your ideas to a video company, it’s likely that you’ll be confronted with giggling enthusiasm and a flood of ideas. While these facets are important, none of them will matter if a company doesn’t have the skill to deliver what they propose.

Look at portfolios to ensure quality of products. Better companies will have a range of material on media upload sites like Youtube and Vimeo. Also, look at projects undertaken for previous clients, and how successful they were. Ideas are great, but without the competence to back them up, your intended message will never come to fruition.

4. Know What to Avoid

Keeping the previous points in mind, there are a lot of red lights and roadblocks on your way to choosing the company that’s right for you.

Aside from the consistent quality of a company’s products, it’s very important to make sure that their values and vision are in line with your own. This has been stated already, but if an idea or a project suffers from poor client-provider communication, you’ll never get what you wanted, despite the quality of the product.

As long as you follow these simple steps, you’ll always find a company that suits you.