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How much does corporate video cost?

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To generalise and present a few ballpark figures – which is probably why you’re here, we’ve generalised into 3 main categories

Category One: Small 1 -2 man bands or freelancers that create cost effective quick solutions, such as straight forward talking heads. These can range from £500 – £2000. If your just looking to do a simple message such a video blog then this might meet your requirements. This is also a good way to explore video as a marketing tool if your new to the idea and don’t have a marketing budget per se. It should be bared in mind, you get what you pay for though, so if you want something a bit more bespoke with a few whistles and bells (colour grading*, scripting, autocues**) then you may want to think about a slightly larger budget allocation.

Category Two: The companies can vary in size from 2 – 8 members of staff (like us at Gnu Films) but there is no hard and fast rule. The reason these companies have a few more members of staff is that although they probably use freelancers from time to time, they will also have specialists for each part of production. Scriptwriters, Camera operators, Production coordinators, Directors and Editors. This means that they can spend more time focussing on the details of the film eg: helping you create the right message, matching your brand style and company messages and giving a level of polish and finesse to ensure credibility. Anyone that’s had a go at making their own film can testify it’s not as easy as it first seems to make something that looks and sounds truly professional. These films can range from around £2500 to £7000. Why such a disparity? It’s because there are a few more options open when you use a video company. You can branch out from plain messages to make more creative video productions including web video, how to films, training films and not forgetting video virals – a opportunity to explore peer to peer marketing***.


Category Three: Creative Agency Video Production. Although more expensive the benefit of using these companies ultimately lie with the holistic view they have of your brand and the overall campaign you are running. They tend to work with larger clients that have a specific marketing budget allocated for online presence or a particular product or service release. These companies may have an in house production team or they may outsource to specific video companies or freelancers (we often white label video production for a variety of creative agencies). They often have a level of involvement at the beginning and at the end and hand over the actual production bit to the specialists. This way they can ensure they don’t have to charge out too much agency time, but ensure the film is ‘on brand’ and ‘on message’. These can range from 6k to 30k, the higher-end can be due to outsourcing and then an application of agency fee. That doesn’t mean its not worth it though as you have to remember they are spending time looking at a bigger picture.


Ever considered animation? Keep your eyes peeled for our animation blog.


*Colour grading

This is when you take a picture just filmed and change the colours to make it look sharper and more colour true. For example – that time you took a photo of your nan in front of the fridge and the fridge and walls looked yellow and your nans face looked a bit green. This is because there is a lighting imbalance. So our colour graders add some red, reduce some blue, increase the exposure to let in more light and hey presto – a cleaner, crisper image that makes everything look at it’s best. Then we can further colours and blurs to create an effect like film noir, or make it look sunnier outside or add some greys to make more overcast, we can even add a blue sky or pink into someones cheeks!



This is a clever bit of kit that’s been round for eons. It basically scrolls the script text in front of the camera so you don’t forget your lines.


***Peer to Peer Marketing

Rather than relying on your e-shots and post to reach your audience, one person that sees an advert they like, then forward it to their friends, they forward it to their co-workers and friends and so on. Its spreads like wildfire this way because a the source is reliable and trusted and b) the link the friends sends is most likely relevant to the receivers tastes – in essence its personalised target marketing.