Gnu Films - Video and animation company for Northampton, Bedford, Milton Keynes and Leicester

Gnu’s 5th Birthday!

It’s been a very exciting week for Gnu, as we have been celebrating our 5th birthday! Where does the time go? We’ve grown so much in the past 5 years, a member of staff for every year, septupled our turnover, moved offices 4 times, expanded our services to include apps, white labelling and animation and marked key points of our growth with some pretty high profile client names.

It got us to thinking – where did we think we would be by now and where do I think we’ll be in another 5 years (hopefully not the dole queue)?

I never really thought about the details when I set up Gnu. I just thought, I wanted to make great films, I wanted to offer a genuinely passionate service and I wanted to work in a happy environment. Happily, this has been achieved with far more fringe benefits than I could have imagined. We’re a motley but cheerful and hard-working crew, we have great relationships with clients and suppliers alike and ,5 years on, still take the same pride in our work that we did the day we started.

So looking to the future, we’ve got some exciting works coming soon! We’re launching Gnoodle officially in November, our animation arm, offering all types of animation from 2D to 3D to stop motion. It’s a really fun new avenue for us, of which we’ve already produced quite a lot #showingoff, and with the addition of our wonderful new Junior Animator, Joe Kent, we’ve hit the ground running. We also started to develop our Apps offering a little further with G’naps, currently tailoring to the hotel and leisure industry but also interactive product promotion.

For the long view, I guess the most important thing is for us to remember our roots, and keep the same ethos of Collaboration, Passion and Trust. To keep trying to be the best, to keep our noses to the grindstone and to always to have fun with it.

It’s a little clichéd but it is what makes us get to the office with a spring in our step day after day.

Thank you to the Gnu team who believe in the company  much as I do, thank you to our clients who returned again and again and spread the good word! Also, thank you to our suppliers who without the talents of, we wouldn’t be half the company we are today.

Happy Birthday Gnu, long may you reign!