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GnuFilms Team Day Out!

It’s been an idea of ours for a while now to have a team building day out for the Gnu staff! Although we don’t really need one as we are already a good team, it was a good excuse to take a day out and spend some time together outside of work! It was Eve’s job to come up with the activities for the day, but she kept us in the dark about what it was we were actually doing until the day arrived (you’ve got to trust your boss, what else can you do)!

Our first stop was Icarus Falconry, which is a great place to go even if you are not too keen on birds of prey. After a guided tour with a detailed description of their residents (the birds I mean), we got to fly a few of the birds. In case you are wondering, by fly them, I mean that we had to wear an enormous leather glove with food on it so that the bird would fly and land on our arm! It was scary, especially with the falcon, as it would fly rapidly towards you but at the very last minute it would land smoothly on your arm – brilliant! From all of the birds we all had our favourites! Mine were the crazy looking Galileo, a baby great grey owl who is learning to fly and little Pedro, a burrowing owl, and the tiniest owl I’ve ever seen (I thought he was so cute until they told me what he was eating for dinner)!


After the falconry, we managed to arrive on time for the next activity (while having our lunch in the car to save some time). Activity number two was clay pigeon shooting, which fitted ironically with the our previous activity! I never thought I would hold a gun in my hand, let alone shoot it, but it was actually rather fun although I was rubbish at it and Jack managed to film me missing all my targets in a row! Patty was the best at it out of us all but I think it’s because he’s so tall which means he has an advantage as he is definitely closer to the target! He managed to hit 9 out of 10 on his first ever go! I don’t know what to say about Jack, apart from the fact that he was only just better than me although that’s not a difficult thing to achieve (sorry Jack)! Overall, we had a lot of fun, and really enjoyed every single moment of the day which ended up with a nice dinner in one of our favourite pubs.

We aim to have a Gnu team building day once a year. We are already planning what to do for next year’s one, although this time we don’t think it’ll be a secret as everybody is already giving their suggestions. Paintballing is one of them, in which case I’m hoping to do better than my performance in the clay pigeon shooting – I guess I need to start practising from now!