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GnuFilms and Project61 Meetup!

Gnu Films became the main sponsor of Project 61 back in 2013. Since then, the team have come along in leaps and we were invited to catch up with them this weekend.

This incredible project is designed to allow talented riders the opportunity to race in the 2014 British BMX championships. The project provides bike shirts and all the necessary equipment needed to train them up and get them to competition standard. There is a large age range from Paul Maidment (46), being the most mature rider with a first position under his belt, right down to little Archie (also known as Little Ripper) who is just 6 years old but has made a bit of a splash on the scene  by currently being ranked number 6! After presenting some accolades to the team, we were given our very own Gnu Branded Project 61 shirt and a fab photo of the team – thanks guys!

The team comprises of 7 members and we will be joining them at the track in Royston for the East Anglia Championships on September 21st.

We’ll be producing a top notch film for them this summer also, so keep your eyes peeled for that. As a video production company we were super excited to find out that the Team owner Matt Allen (Number 1 in BMX British Masters) has a passion for gopros. He has invented two cracking rigs; one gyro mount with a giant propeller-like support on his head that circles the rider as he travels and which  the zipwire cam . We thought you might enjoy some of the pics and the effects he made. Check it out.