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Do you Gnoodle? Animation or Video? –

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Gnu Films : Offering video company for Northampton, Milton Keynes, Bedford and Leicester

Cartoons are good. They were good when I was 4 and a funny faced cat would get tricked into eating a ham loaded with dynamite sticks by a cheeky mouse. They were good when I got in from school and managed to watch the back to back episodes of Dogtanian before News Round started and hand on heart…they are still good now (Southpark, Family Guy, Simpsons anyone???).  There is something about animation that speaks to your inner child, makes everything seem more friendly, more simple,  more interesting and more fun.
We’ve always offered animation services as well as video production at Gnu, but not really made that much of a fuss about it. Well, now it appears with the likes of RSA Animates ( ) and Epipheo #welovethem, it’s time for us to make a little more noise about it. If you haven’t seen Epipheo, check them out, they are AMAZING, but based in the states.  So we’ve launched Gnoodle!  Dedicated to funny stories and improbable characters (everyone loves a talking tree right?) we can tell your story with humour, finesse and invention.
If your not convinced, we put our money where our mouth is and told our very own story through Gnoodle
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