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8 Things your Video Marketing Strategy Should Include
  1. An Actual Strategy!

A video marketing strategy is just that. Making a video is not enough. You need to know what it’s for, who it’s for and how you’re going to get them to see it. Youtube and Vimeo are video streaming platforms for millions of people – NOT targeted demographics. Once on youtube, you need to think about pushing the content through specific groups on linked –in, on your website, through e-shots, at exhibitions and – if your customer facing -your sales environment.

  1. Internal Buy-In

If your company has more than 5 employee then chances are only 3 of them saw it. The three that inevitably got involved in making it. A video (if you made it right) should present your culture, your message and your brand, make sure everyone in the company has seen it so it can be referenced as a sales tool, an induction tool and therefor passed on organically.

  1. More than 1 film

A single film does not a strategy make. It’s just a film. Much like a leaflet (albeit a more effective one) a single film needs to be part of a greater campaign. To make a successful video marketing strategy you have to consider a series of content releases such as ‘How to’ videos, ‘’client case studies or perhaps staff specific interviews. There are lots and lots of concepts out there and if your video production company is worth their salt they will be able to offer solutions and ideas. You start your series with a short video that draws the audience in and then have a teaser at the end to make them watch the next one.

  1. Audience Respect

Value and respect your audiences’ time. If you’re aiming at decision makers then chances are time is short. So make your content valuable and time efficient. Stop trying to cram in all your messages into 1 film or you will loose their attention. Instead plan the films ahead and allocate a subject per film. FYI – short means 1 – 2 minutes, less if you can manage it.

  1. Money

Video production companies vary in cost. A one minute film can come in anywhere from £350 to £15,000. Much like buying a house, you get what you pay for but at some point you reach saturation. A normal starting cost for a video is, broadly speaking, around £3000. But much like your house if you want to enrich it with say a hot tub or a 3rd floor, it’ll cost more. Don’t be tight and realise that video has as much a place in your marketing budget as an exhibition or a website. If made right it has the same longevity too. It’s an investment. Don’t throw away £1k invest 3.

  1. Creativity

Last year was heralded as ‘The Year of Video Marketing’. That means that (finally) people are starting to climb fully on-board with video marketing. This also means that many more videos are out there are competing with yours. Stand out from the crowd and don’t be scared of trying something new. Compare these two recruitment films and draw your own conclusion.

Video 1 – Click to play

Video 2 – Click to Play

  1. Empathy

One of the greatest gifts that video can give your campaign is an emotional response from your audience. Someone recently said to me:

Tell me I’ll forget

Show me, I’ll remember

Involve me, I’ll understand

Understand the motivations of your customer and respond to it, don’t just tow the company line. We recently worked with a great auditing company to produce an animation about one of their services. One of the key things they wanted to do was to show their customer that they understood how much of a chore it is getting certifications done, the script aligned itself with the customer and offered solutions. Responding to issues with humour and colloquial scripting. Video can be a two-way conversation not a lecture.

  1. Recycle

One of our video clients a while back came up with the concept making three films from one: of teaser, short version and long version. The teaser was put on the front page of the website, the short version was on the about us page and the long version was on the recruitment page. By skillfully adapting your message to each visitor the video was optimised and made available to three times the original demographic. And on the subject of recycling, don’t be afraid to bump. You posted your video last month on twitter, that’s the digital equivalent of last century. Repost it. And Repost it Again.


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