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5 Easy Ways that Video can Improve your SEO

Video is the SEO Holy Grail so here’s How: 5-easy-ways-video-can-improve-seo.

Whilst I don’t claim to be an SEO specialist, I’ve definitely noticed how keeping our video content fresh has kept us on Page one of Google for the last 5 years for both ‘Video Company Northampton/|Bedford/ Milton Keynes’ and ‘Animation Company Northampton/Bedford/Milton Keynes’

So no complex backlinks / coding or blackhat tomfoolery, just plain and simple video.

So what did I do to make this happen?

  1. 101

This is summed up in the 2009 Forester report ‘“pages with video are 53x more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results.” Fact. In Shawn Fornos blog ‘How Video Marketing Creates Immediate SEO Results he says ’You can trace video marketing as an SEO tool back to May 16th, 2007 – the day Google introduced “Universal Search.” I don’t think there’s ever been a doubt that video has always had a place but Google sure as heck launched it into a whole new digi-sphere. So step 1 is get a film or an animation created because without a lottery ticket your not going to win the lottery and if you want to rank on Google then you play by Google’s rules.

  1. Shareability

Like any online content, your making it for other people not for you. Think about what your customer needs. If you are a recruitment agency perhaps make an animation for your candidates ‘How to write a CV’ or ‘How to Interview well’. This is then not only representing you as a credible font of knowledge but you’ve created something that will then be shared organically. This means that Google recognizes your content and ultimately your company as a relevant result for recruitment or whichever keywords you are using.

  1. Beyond the Website

One of the most awesome things about video is its flexibility. As everyone uses a screen now (apparently Britons spend more time looking at screens than asleep) this gives you plenty of opportunities for showcasing your message. In summary make sure your video is visible. To ensure your being clocked by Google:

1.Post your video on either Youtube or Vimeo

  1. Stream this video on your website
  2. Use the link to your video from your website and post it on your facebook page, post on twitter once a month, linked in, instagram and wherever else your target audience ‘hangs’. Most sites now accommodate video so always give it a go.

Why do it this way? Because for every hit you get to your website within similar search parameters, the more useful Google see’s your link as a useful items for online browsers, particularly if they watch your film to the end.

TOP TIP: Keep your video short, because your ranking is increased when you get complete views.

  1. Tagging

Sorely overlooked in my opinion is the careful and considered tagging of video. If your using wordpress for your website they make it easy with Yoast – an amazing guide from Yoast to optimizing tagging and therefore your SEO ranking can be found here.

Also consider other forms of ‘tagging’, so the text that surrounds your video like viewer comments, ‘likes’, favourites’, views and so on. A great Yutube Ranking Factor Map created by TagSEOBlog can be found here

  1. Make it Good & Keep it Fresh

Much like a salad if you don’t do it properly it’ll be rubbish, if you don’t keep it fresh no-one will want it.

Frequency of Upload and What Google calls ‘Freshness’ is a very important factor in the Googloebot exploration of your site. The Web is an ever change landscape so Google understandably looks for a long established sites with continually updated video content. It’s that simple.


So in summary which is now going to sound like a no brainer you can DEFINITELY increase your SEO by:

Labelling your videos properly and ensuring consistency of keywords throughout your campaigns so Google can actually find you and send the info to the right googler. Making sure that when you finally get your customer there they actually like your video and it’s not an hour long thus causing them to share it organically and tickling all of Googles sweetspots when it comes to ‘relevance’. Google just want to make sure that when someone searches for something, they get what they are looking for. Make sure you have what they are looking for; interesting, entertaining and engaging video.